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Adobe PR Video Editing Short Course

Adobe PR Video Editing Short Course


Adobe PR Video Editing Short Course


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Date: 1 Class Per Month

Time: 1 pm - 5 pm

Venue: Zoom Meeting

[Your Product Is Really Good, But Do You Think Others Know It?]

No matter what industry you are in, in the self-media era of #2022, you need to learn to use #premiere Pro to make #commercial short videos to market products, and express your #product consultation to your customers in a complete and professional manner. Earn more income by yourself.
In the course, our teacher will break the traditional commercial video teaching, from zero foundation to you can complete the editing independently, and then lead you to discover more video marketing and high-level video production.

After learning this editing software, it is not a problem to cut a short video in a day by yourself!!!
Don't need to spend any more money or rely on people.

Just Master The Following 4 Skills:

Commercial Short Video Clip

  • Editing skills that novices can learn

Video Transition Effects Clip

  • Easy-to-master transition effects to make video connections more natural

Marketing Green Screen Conversions

  • Simply remove the backfround of video

Marketing Short Video Mix Cut

  • Using a variety of dynamic transitions, dynamic text and cool overlay production, quickly learn to make your own marketing short video mix cut

After Mastering The Film Editing Course, You Will Get:

  • One charge, unlimited review
  • Get your own artwork
  • If you have problems anytime/anywhere, you can ask our teachers directly on WhatsApp

Course Suitable For: #Youtuber, #Microbusiness, #Marketer, #Professional, #Hobbyist #Etc

This is not just a video of a recorded course for you to watch, but an online course to learn with the teacher.
This is a great opportunity for you to improve yourself and earn income!


Course Details:


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