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Mobile Phone Video Editing Short Course

Mobile Phone Video Editing Short Course


Mobile Phone Video Editing Short Course


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Date: 1 Class Per Month

Venue: Zoom Meeting

【Online Mobile Video Editing Accelerated Course 3.0】

Funny short videos are difficult to make? But is this really the case?
#Can you really learn 100% just by watching the video?
Always love to find some creative, funny and funny short videos!
Swiping everytime whether it's on IG/FB or Douyin
After watching so many other people's short videos, don't you want to make one yourself? If you want, hurry up and learn to make short videos online with our master! !

Our Professional Tutors Have Launched 【Mobile Video Editing Accelerated Course 3.0】, Which Can Help You Solve All Editing Troubles!

Since 2018, our masters have successfully held more than 100 short video editing courses on mobile phones, helping more than 100 students in how to make their own short videos. In addition, it has also successfully helped improve their performance.

Course Details:

  • How to make a business video
  • Lifestyle video
  • Short video for investment promotion
  • Shooting tips for product introductions and demonstrations
  • Video editing, filters, adding special effects/soundtracks/narration/subtitles

Course Suitable For: Youtuber, Vlogger, Wechat Business, Professionals and Hobbyists, Travelers, Marketers, etc.
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