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Enya Mareine Academy was established as a response by a panel of creative leaders who came together to address the acute shortage of properly-trained creative professionals. Today, it is a place that provides excellent art and photography education, professional media training and world-class results.
Prof. Tiger Cho
Co-Founder, Managing Director
& Principal
* Adjunct Professor (IPAC & Alzette University)

"Prof. Tiger has won international awards for his work, including the WPPI (Wedding  Portraits Photography International), MPA (Master Photographer Association) and IPA (International Photography Awards). Numerous magazine publishers such as MPA, Rangefinder and PDN have featured his works. Inspired from SGI Sensei who once said “Photography speaks the soul”,  which makes the masterpiece the greatest and inspiring of all.

Enya Mareine Academy is a culmination of, among others, guidance from top creative gurus and world-class academic standards, combined with exceptionally strong working relationships with the industry. For over decades, we have nurtured over thousands of creativepreneurs who have accomplished tremendous achievements worldwide.

Under Prof. Tiger's leadership, EMA Academy has flourished from its inception to the present, growing from zero to a thousand students. The institution has written a splendid chapter, guiding artistic education to foreign universities and enabling students to step into the international arena."

Ikaxa Tan
Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman of Ezon Berhad
“Passionate and innovative entrepreneur with a keen eye for visual storytelling, seeking to leverage a strong background in photography and business to drive creative excellence and business success as the Founder of a Enya Mareine Group(EMG).

My commitment extends beyond the confines of traditional education, as I actively engage with educational research and policy. By participating in conferences, contributing to publications, and advocating for evidence-based practices, I strive to be a catalyst for positive change within the broader educational landscape.”

Bernie Kok
“As an educator, I have worn various hats, each contributing to the rich tapestry of experiences that define my professional narrative. From the early days in the classroom, where the energy of eager learners fueled my enthusiasm, to assuming leadership roles that allowed me to influence educational strategies on a broader scale, every step has been a conscious endeavor to make a lasting impact.”

Hernry Chong
Co-Founder, Director of Photography
“Transitioning into educational leadership, I recognized the significance of systemic change. I spearheaded initiatives aimed at embracing technological advancements, ensuring that our educational institution remains a beacon of innovation. Collaborating with fellow educators, administrators, and stakeholders, I championed holistic approaches that prioritize not only academic excellence but also the holistic development of each student.”